How to start in networking and infrastructure as a student?

In terms of accreditation, study options (currently in Bachelor of Information Systems @ UNSW, taking my first networking course this semester and found it very enjoyable).

I want to make a career in this field, but unlike other branches of IT (Business Analyst, Programmer etc.) I find information in terms of careers and studies towards networking and infrastructure is scarce and not widely talked about.


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Scott Brown

Scott Brown Principal at

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Hi Danh,

Best advice is to build a career path, with the goal of getting into network / infrastructure. I would look at a HelpDesk 1 role for starters, as it will be a great entry point into any sized organisation. Move then into Level 2 and 3. Once you hit Level 3 (even 2 can allow this), you usually start to specialise...and this is where you really push for N/W / Infrastructure areas. Most senior support roles morph into a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator - and that is your ticket into it fully. Usually, if you stick at it, it can take only a couple of years to get there.

As far as study, your BIS will get you into a support role. From there, ensure you get qualifications specific to the networking area you are after. As an example, if you want to be more of a data / voice expert, get your CCNA / CCIE (Cisco qualifications). If you are more into Windows, get your MCITP. Wanting to get into virtualisation or cloud, look at qualifications around VMWare (VMCP) or Hyper-V. If you want to be more of a storage expert, ensure you look at courses through the main storage companies like EMC. Regardless, as you progress, you will need to keep on top of the changes in infra / N/w and these courses will help.

Bottom line is that there are clear paths for networking / infrastructure roles, and you will get there if you are determined to do so. Hope this information helps and please feel free to contact me if you need any more.

Good luck!


Phil Joel

Phil Joel Director at SavvySME

Hi Danh,

The career path usually starts with joining an Infrastructure team (large corporations, hosting companies, telco's), basically anyone who has large networks. Look for interships, undergraduate roles. You might be able to try your luck and send unsolicited applications to their HR department.

Good luck.


Kevin Dam

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Hi Danh,

What do you mean by networking and infrastructure?

Can you provide some examples of businesses/companies that would interest you?

I'm thinking Macquarie Telecom might be one?

Danh Le

Danh Le ,

Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply!

Sorry that was poorly worded, by networking and infrastructure I meant by jobs such as a network analyst/architect and administrator.

Yes Macquarie Telecom is one such company that I've had my eye on, others include IBM, Cisco and I guess the multitude of consultancy companies that offer network services.
Kevin Dam

Kevin Dam , Digital Marketing Strategist at

definitely go to networking events. start off by searching for industry related events in "Meet Up".

other ideas include following the companies on LinkedIn and actively taking part in discussions...and by actively taking part I mean making a comment. As soon as you make a comment 80% of the time people looking at the discussion will want to know who you are ....why? because you're brave enough to speak up infront of so many others when they're not, so they want to know what special 'something' have you got.

chances of the following happening:
50% - they are amazed by what you say and want to know more about you and why you know so much. therefore they click to find out more
50% - they are amazed by what you say and want to know more about you and why you DON"T know anything. therefore they find out you're a graduate and are impressed by you trying to take part and learn.


Oh...and ask lots of questions, just like you are now.

Well done.
Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas

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