Neil Steggall
Neil Steggall Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

Which business leaders, writers or gurus have most influenced you and why?

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I'd have to try and contain myself here, because there are quite a few that I could gush about all day. At the top of this list would have to be Tim Ferris who is a business leader, writer and guru on many topics rolled into one.

What I love about him is his ability to do great on all areas (not just in business) by applying a very unique and effective thought process to learning: e.g.

  • Kickboxing champing
  • Salsa Dancing Champion
  • Hacked a effect method of dieting
  • As well as cooking
  • Language learning hacking

All his teachings are a lazy mans way to getting a great result which is in line with my own values :).

I'm just in awe in his ability to just learn and do so many different things (something I tend to love to do). Being able to define yourself by the speed with which you learn not about what you know. I guess multitalented is the word?

I'm working my way through all his books and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it, including his writing style.

Other business leaders and influencers include: Seth Godin, Noah Kegan, Sheryl Sandberg and of course all you guys here at SavvySME :)! Awwww.

Love to hear your inspirations too Neil!

Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall, Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

I cut my teeth on Peter Drucker and Edward de Bono and was a true believer in my corporate days. More recently I question why? more than how? and that has lead me to read more widely and look at life and business differently. Steve Jobs was a great "why guy". Your comment on being a good all rounder also resonates (I am also lazy) and I have adjusted my business to allow me to turn a profit whilst indulging in my great passions for food, wine and travel. I would class cooking and books as my great hobbies - I cook every day that I am home and the iPad is always loaded for reading!

Roland Hanekroot

Roland Hanekroot, Founder at New Perspectives Business Coaching

I have to say that my current heroes and people who inspire me most, fall outside or on the fringes of business a little. My two current heroes are: Brene Brown, professor at the university of Austin Texas and author of books such as "Daring Greatly" and Graham Long, minister at The Wayside Chapel in Sydney. Both of them make my skin itch when I read their words or hear them speak... so much more wisdom and inspiration than most of the business gurus I have to say. Seth Godin is of course a fantastically interesting character but a little obvious... I read a great book by Daniel PInk called "To Sell is Human"... now that is a great read for business owners over christmas... you will not regret taking the time... Neil, I totally agree with your take on Peter Drucker and Edward the Bono, but I am going to disagree vehemently with your mentioning of Steve Jobs as one of the great and good.. I really have a lot of trouble with the cult of reverence for Steve Jobs, yes he created a lot of wealth for a lot of people and I agree that his computers look better than other's and that he broke new ground several times, but from everything that has come out since his death it seems quite clear that at a personal level he was a rank A@#$&*le riding rough shod over people and generally being the opposite of a nice human being... I suppose the reason I get so much more inspired by someone like Graham Long or Brene Brown is that I don't think the world needs more selfobsessed inconsiderate egomaniacs.... The world needs more people who care about others.

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