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How are you using digital marketing to increase your branding?

If you have a newer/smaller business, with well established and well known competitors, how are you able to bite a chunk into their market share and get your name out there?

I'm having trouble with a few larger companies dominating the market share and no-one else really gets a look-in, because no-one knows about us/can find us.

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Nerissa Atkinson

Nerissa Atkinson, Owner

The answer depends on your target market - for most companies digital is only going to be a part of their overall marketing strategy. If your competitors are dominating search results (I'm only assuming from your question that this is what you are referring to), you're going to need to support your organic and paid search with other marketing channels - this might include social media, in person networking, referrals from existing customers, warm leads through LinkedIn etc.  

If you can provide a little more about your business and who you're trying to attract, I could give you a little more specific advice.

James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

I take it you are in the SEO space, to be honest you have to make a name for your self by going to events and building up contacts. I have found to do well or to event get a look in for big projects you need to have the right contacts.  The problem with SEO is that their is so much competition, every one is doing it now, each week their seems to be 50 new companies a week with people setting them up the thing is you need to push a message of QUALITY services. Most of the clients we work with have worked with 2 or 3 other SEO companies before they come to us so they know what we want and these are usually the best clients because we have to fix all the crappy work prior companies have done.   Here are a few ideas: 1. Network and answer questions on sites like this also try forums. 2. Social media get involved on Twitter/ Facebook ect ect 3. Go to industry events and conferences. 4. Create great content that stands out (not easy) 5. Advertise and spend money, to be honesty you may need to pay a few grand to get your name out their but it will be worth it. I will admit things are hard in the market at the moment, but if you have a big network of contacts I have like 1,500+ people on LinkedIn and run some big events 99% of our business is referrals, we do not even advertise because we get referrals. We are slightly smaller compared to big companies in the space but they want to talk to us because they have seen us at events, they have seen our posts and most of the time they know the big company will give a poor level of service where we will give top notch service.   That been said I have been working in the space for 8+ years so I have many contacts from old and new business who want to work with my business. Just have to keep on the hustle and work hard is my advice. 

Vahe Arabian

Vahe Arabian, SEO Consultant at Online Marketing Works

I would also say that you need to specialise in a particular niche. That way when you do your networking to a particular group and become well known for your services, you would get quality leads as a result.

David Trounce

David Trounce, Co-Founder at

Marketing Ninja put out a simple Branding Strategy Guide that includes some good stuff on user-centric branding, social and content marketing here.

It gives brands some practical tips to improve small business reputation and reach online. Redbull is a particularly good example of user-centric branding.