What has been your experiences with open source accounting software packages?

I was wondering if anyone on Savvysme has experience with any of the following open sourced accounting software packages (Adempiere, FrontAccounting, Gnucash, Ledgersmb, Openbravo Community, Tryton, Turbocash, or Weberp), and what they thought of them in comparison to the likes of MYOB, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Money, Oracle E-Business Suite, Quickbooks, Quicken, Sage, or SAP.

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Rhys Roberts

Rhys Roberts Director at Viridity

I am not sure of the purpose of this question.  The range of Open Source Apps you list range from those suitable for micro businesses (Gnucash / Turbocash) all the way through to medium/large organisations (Adempiere).

Similarly the paid for solutions range from SME (Quicken / MYOB / Xero)  through to enterprise solutions (Oracle / SAP). 

If you are looking for a software application for your business you will make the selection process much easier by identifying the features you need for your business first, then identifying a (small) number of applications that might meet your requirements.  Then compare between those. 

Whether they are locally installed or cloud, open source or not is generally of less importance than how well the features of the program you select meet your needs.  I have written a guide to assist with making this selection, it is available as a free download from my website,

Cheers, Rhys

Rosella Floral Designs

Rosella Floral Designs , Owner at

The purpose of this question is to gain feedback on the mentioned opensourced software packages or other free accounting packages, that not only cover the basics, but also provides scope for expansion.

We are very familiar with MYOB, but due to our committment to cost management and passing our lower costs on to our clients, a paid solution is currently not within our budget.

As the Finance/IT/Marketing Manager, I have familiarised myself with the features of the mentioned open source packages, but I am looking to determine whether there are any flaws with the packages or shortcomings that don't lend themselves to use in the Australian environment.
Rhys Roberts

Rhys Roberts , Director at Viridity

Hi Rosella,

I am going to have to disagree with you here (sorry!). I understand that you want to consider all options, but ultimately many of those you list (from both groups) simply won''t be suitable for your business. I really do think you need to narrow down your search rather than looking for comments accross such a broad range. Let me use an analogy.

If you were looking for a vehicle to deliver your products to your clients you wouldn't seek comparisons on everything from a bicycle to a road train. You would narrow it down then research vans or trucks within a range that met your needs.

I believe you will find the decision making process easier if you adopt a similar approach with software. That is eliminate that which is clearly too basic, eliminate that which has many features that you will never need but which do make the product more complex and harder to use. Focus on those that are close to your ideal solution.

I'll leave the open source / paid for comparison to one side for now. Good luck with your search,

Cheers, Rhys
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Apurv Bhalla CPA

Apurv Bhalla CPA Accountant at Success Tax Professionals

I know one software www.eazybooks.com.au.

Its good if you are startup and its free. 

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman , Owner at

Be careful with with a lot of the open source (free) solutions. It can easily cost you a lot more in technical implementation and stress, to keep up with updates, backups etc. It's always important that you work backwards from a solution your accountant can efficiently work directly off.
Rosella Floral Designs

Rosella Floral Designs , Owner at

We have our own inhouse accountant who is more than happy to learn new systems if they provide superior information to facilitate decision making