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Is one on one business coaching a better than group business coaching?

Is one on one business coaching a better option than group business coaching? I understand that 1:1 coaching is customised to your unique business needs, but what benefits does group coaching offer?

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Maya Zack

Maya Zack, Owner at Maya Zack Mindset Training


I would say that 1:1 coaching can definitely address more specific, personal and deeper needs and issues, however group coaching is absolutely highly beneficial too.

If you are referring to a group within the same business, you can improve communication, collaboration, group creativity and productivity as a team, aligning with shared values and goals.

If you are simply referring to taking up coaching as an individual in a group setting, than you will still get huge benefit out of it, albeit less personalised and therefore it might require you to make more of an effort to address your own experience & take more responsibility around fulfilling tasks during the process. On the other hand, group coaching can also provide valuable peer-support and insight, and for some, being part of a group increases their engagement and motivation.     

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Would be great to get your thoughts on this too @Paul Juchima !

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