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Would you recommend getting a life and business coach?

Has anyone opted for a business AND life coach to help with growing your business? Why did you do so? What were the benefits of having life coaching included within your business coaching package?

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Erik Bigalk

Erik Bigalk, Founder and CEO at

Top 20% Marketing

Yes, Great Question and thank you for tagging me @Hatty Bell 

It still sometimes boggles my mind why people, especially those in business, DON'T have a coach or mentor. I mean for eons we have had masters teaching apprentices, had coaches for competative and elite sports, and have looked toward more experienced poeple or specially skilled ones for guidance, feedback, insights and suggestions so we could succeed.

When it comes to our businesses and esepcially our personal life which ultimately determines our success in business - yes, we should definitely have a coach or mentor. And, while we can excuse the expense of haviung a goodf business coach with the aim of making more money, when it comes to life coaching, what could be more important than leading a fulfilling life? If not our family and relationships, our children, partners, family and friends - what is there that we live and strive for...? After all, we cannot take money with us, nor does business accolades make our leaving this planer any more pleasant...  but looking back on a rich, laughter-filled and satisfying life does.

So, yes, I cannot recommed having a coach enough. 

This being said, you will need someone you can actually trust, hold in good esteem and somone you can take guidance from. They need to be experienced and a good communicator - in a way that resonates with you personally. It is not a one size fits all.

And, you may have a coach for you personally and another for your business. Perhaps, you find someone who can help on both fronts, as they are equally as important I feel. But, you need to know in the end what is most helpful to you and whom you can build a strong coaching relationship with.

One thing I know from having worked with countless business mentors, coaches, personal development professionals and my three decades of studying human behaviour and of consutling with business owners - it is paramount to look after yourself and your innermost domain in order to create the success in all areas of your life, be it career, business, projects or your the community at large... 

I would not be where I am today if it was not for the amazing people I have had the privilege to work with over the years - both business and personal mentors and coaches.

Time to give back!
Meanwhile, I have been guiding and coaching young people, men, women, business owners and couples for many years. I hold qualifications in NLP, mindset and life coaching, have helped businesses grow for the past 25 years and am a quantum coach too. I want to give back, so in the times of the pandamic, I am available for a free 20-minute Orientation Call (usually enough to clarify and priorities key areas you may want to work on), and then I offer my coaching sessions for 3-session and 5-session packages on a donation basis. So, instead of the full per session or package rate - you simply pay what you can afford or what feels right to you. 
Log onto to book your Free Orientation Call and By-Donation Sessions. Best, Erik.

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Great insight @Erik Bigalk ! I've never really thought about it in relation to sports but you are totally correct. It's so normal and expected to have a coach in sports, but totally overlooked in business. Even our managers are often not people we consider a mentor!

How do you even go about choosing the correct mentor or coach? Is it a case of speaking to lots until you find someone that you 'click' with? What are the things you should look out for?

Maya Zack

Maya Zack, Owner at Maya Zack Mindset Training

I 100% agree with @Erik Bigalk. It is also widely known that successful biz owners put their success down to 70% mindset, not their business idea or skills. 

Life and mindset coaching can help you create the ideal psychological state and life-setting to be in for growth - and that is essential for your business growth too. If you're facing challenges in your personal life, these would be affecting your beliefs about yourself, perspective, focus, motivation, resilience etc. These are all integral parts of your business mindset.

As humans, we can't separate one aspect of ourselves or lives from another. They're all interconnected. And in fact, as I've coached many very successful business owners - I can tell you that those who had not previously taken up personal development alongside their biz development, were struggling to enjoy their material success. And what is the point of reaching your financial or professional goals if they don't bring you fulfillment...?  

Hope that helps. Happy to answer any other questions!

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Great question! @Erik Bigalk would love to get your opinion on this

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