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How do you deal with loneliness as an entrepreneur?

Hey guys, I find the entrepreneurial journey incredibly lonely at times. How you deal with loneliness in your business, particularly as leaders? Keen to hear your thoughts.

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Wendy Huang

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I find that finding people that are dealing with the same issues, e.g. other business owners in similar industries or at the same stage of business (but not involved in your business) and creating a support network of those people is extremely important, and also beyond that is making a commitment to meet with them on a regular basis face to face and over time. The feeling of loneliness will disappear as you have regular face to face contact with people going through the same things as you. That's why rehab programs like Alcoholics anonymous follow that structure - its not just about knowing people its about having that support network support you on a regular basis. Although we're not alcoholics you perhaps may be a workaholic :D

I find that the biggest challenge to creating this environment with busy entrepreneurs is they usually forget to actually meet with each other and again get caught up in their own business whirlwind, choosing to forgo these feel good sessions in favor of more "work"  leading to the same feeling of loneliness and same issues once again.

Forums like these ones can help alleviate some of the loneliness I find, but so does a regular coffee date with a fellow founder :)!! Best of luck on your business dates :D!!

Fleur Leong

Fleur Leong, Director at

Good question, Phil and I like Wendy's idea too. A "Business Dating" platform is a novel concept!! I overcome the loneliness by attending business, educational, inspirational (not motivational) and personal development events. This is where I get my mental energy re-fueled and meet interesting and like-minded people. Once a month, I organise a retreat, an adventure or social event with those who have a "bucket list" and want to share their experiences with others. This month it is hot air ballooning in Camden Valley, NSW. Phil/Wendy - how about creating "SavvySME" Meetup groups. I'll help co-organise the Sydney events.

Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Hi Fleur, love your idea about meetup groups, and yes, we can definitely use your help to organise events. Thanks for putting your hand up for it. Will be in touch.

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Cameron Marsden

Cameron Marsden, Managing Director at

Honestly Phil, I have the same problem as you - it is often difficult to relate to our employee friends...

Also, as we all are passionate about our businesses, when we get talking to other entrepreneurs we tend to sound like we are selling to each other as we are excited.

Being social tends to take a back seat to passion, which is to be expected when you are driven.

Hmm... just realised I didn't really answer your question, just agreed with you... :)

Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson at

You cannot beat going to networking events and getting to know people whoa re in similar situations. Networking is not just about finding clients it is about finding like minded people who you can share a coffee and conversation with. These same people also become raving fans who can refer business to you and you to them.

Networking has lead me to finding and meeting the most amazing people that can share in my journey.

Another suggestion is to be part of a share office - I share with two other businesses and we always brainstorm, refer business and share ideas.