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What is the ATO BAS late lodgement penalty fee?

How much does the ATO charge as a penalty fee if your BAS lodgement is late? Is there any way of appealing the penalty fee?

Amanda Hoffmann - Certified Bookkeeper, BAS Agent

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When you fail to pay your BAS on time, the Australian Taxation Office may impose a late lodgement penalty fee.
One penalty unit will be applied for each 28 days that you are late which equals $222

If you know you will be late lodging or payment your BAS the best option is simply to pick up the phone and let the Australian Taxation Office know in advance. Most times they are understanding of your circumstances and will not impose you with a penalty fee.

The WORST THING YOU CAN DO is not contact the Australian Taxation Office. 
Failure to do so will only attract more fees and interest. 

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