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How many of you are using video as part of your marketing strategy?

I am really curious to know the answer to this one. How many business owners out there are using video as part of their overall marketing strategy If you are not using it, what is the main reason for holding back?

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Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer, Business Development Manager at Click Click Media

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I imagine its usually the price point that stops people. That and the time and energy it can take to push the production through that business owners might feel that their time is better spent on getting more tangible/ instant results.

The fact is that there are so many elements and avenues that go into building an online business these days that I think sometimes video gets over looked or is seen as an afterthought or something to look at once the business is more established. I think that that this something that is changing though as more and more people are expecting video content on sites now days especially if you want to be seen as a credible and successfully company. 

I have been in the video production and content game for over 15 years and I have seen brands successfully turn around a failing product or service with a good video clip. This is especially true when the product or service is a little more complex or complicated. A good explainer clip can make all the difference in the world if its engaging and has a good call to action as well.

Adam Bean

Adam Bean, Marketing Superintendent at

Hey Michael, very valid points. I think a lot of poeple don't realize the options available to them, and yes I believe that you are correct when you say that many people seem to have a preconcived idea of video being expensive to create. This is just not true anymore. Love your tip on the explainer clip as well, you are spot on it can make a huge difference, and is a largely underused marketing tool. Cheers Beanie

Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland, Director at

I've just started with a few clients.

Things that held me / us back:

1. perception that video is complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

2. lack of knowledge about how to do it.

3. lack of bandwidth.

I went to an absolutely brilliant seminar just before Christmas which looked at video in all its aspects (Stuart Gordon, are you out there?!?) and came away all inspired with:

1. list of options as to where we could use video effectively (start with client testimonials)

2. reinforcement of the knowledge that content is more important than the technology (eg if you interview a client on an iPhone it really doesn't matter that it looks like a home video, it simply makes it more 'real'- unless you are a video provider, of course!)

3. confidence that we could upload to YouTube then embed in our sites without having random YouTube who knows what showing up after OUR video played.

Starting gently but really think this is a great way to go!


Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Founder at LinkSmart

I have been helping a client recently with video who is just starting out. We were able to cost save by going to and had a lady from Queensland do a really good intro video for the website $45.00 with extras. Then we just did home video showing that the owner of the business as  an 'expert' in his products, uploaded to YouTube. Total cost just some time editing the videos. Worked really well for us and our clients. We even used Qr codes to play the videos attached to the products.
Good luck