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Is it better to use small video production company or DIY?

In your experience, would you recommend working with a small video production agency to create marketing video content or can I do it myself? When should I create my own marketing videos and when should I outsource?

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Geoff Crain

Geoff Crain at

In my experience, the recommendation is to work with a production company. This will ensure quality, efficiency and help with ideation. 

If a company does not have the internal resources to produce and edit content it will not be able to build quality content affordably. With no experience, the company will not understand how much time or resources should be dedicated to video production. They will not understand if they need to use stock footage or create their own. They will not understand the length or format to shoot the content in. With so many moving parts it is much more efficient to have a production agency handle the production. This will almost guarantee quality. 

Ideation is almost more important than the production itself. How will you position the video? What USPs will you highlight? What is the best way to demonstrate the call to action? A production company can help answer all of these questions so that you deliver a clear and concise message to your target demographic. 

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