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Any tips for getting affordable video production?

Does anyone have any tips when it comes to outsourcing affordable and high-quality video production?

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Geoff Crain

Geoff Crain at

The best way to get affordable video production is to have a set goal for your creative (ex. drive awareness or drive sales) and source quotes from 3-5 different production companies to achieve it. 

Every production (creative) agency is different. Some specialize in brand creative, others for lead gen or performance-focused campaigns. Once you determine what goal the creative will help you achieve, you can research and find a creative agency that best fits the agenda.

Narrow the search to 3-5 agencies and request quotes from each one. Once you receive the proposals you can understand the production costs and see if there are any parts that you can handle yourself. 

In our experience, it is easier to have the creative agency handle the heavy lifting. Rather than wasting time and resources in an area that is not our expertise.  


Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Would love to get your thoughts on this @Beau Ushay !

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