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Should small business owners do bookkeeping and payroll training?

Did you do any bookkeeping or payroll training as a small business owner? Or have you just learned the ropes as you've progressed on your business journey?

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Amanda Hoffmann - Certified Bookkeeper, BAS Agent

Amanda Hoffmann - Certified Bookkeeper, BAS Agent, Owner / Manager ★ Certified Bookkeeper ★ BAS Agent at My Office Books - Virtual Bookkeeper & BAS Agent

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100% yes, all business owners should have bookkeeping and payroll training. 
I personally would like to see it compulsory for anyone applying for an ABN to complete training before the ABN is given. Why?

Business owners operate for years with no tax lodgements until they want to apply for finance
Covid_19 forced businesses to have set up good business records or fail to be approved for stimulus payments
ABN audit called to see if the business was still active leading to a letter from the ATO regarding no tax returns.
Sole Trader wants to put on staff or expand his business but doesn't keep any records to move forward. 
The accountant sends them to me to fix up their "mess." 

Too many businesses stumble along attempting to learn the ropes and most fail miserably.

Hatty Bell

Hatty Bell, Community Manager at

Interesting insight @Amanda Hoffmann - Certified Bookkeeper, BAS Agent ! I'm sure that this kind of training would be helpful to many! Where is the best place to get training at the moment?