Has anyone ever found a recruiter that is worth it?

I have had the amusing experience of dealing with various recruiters and hearing them try to justify their exorbitant fees - I mean, come on, you are telling me that I should pay you upwards of $15,000 just to introduce me to someone that you already know?

Then there is the lack of guarantee - so I already have to take the risk to employ someone in the first place AND pay you 15-25% as well?

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Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin, Small Business Coach, Trainer, Author at Zest Business Consulting

Hi Cameron. As much as I don't know a specific recruiter locally I think is amazing I do have a lead on a really cool service that helps the user control hiring and recruiting expenses. Have you heard of RecruitLoop? I met one of the owners a few months back and really fell in love with the concept. You can hire the recruiter directly by reading their profile and the hourly rate they charge. I have heard that for most companies this route is dramatically more affordable. here's a link to their site http://recruitloop.com/

Phil Joel

Phil Joel, Director at SavvySME

Cameron, the more reputable recruiters will give you replacement guarantee during the probationary period. Make sure you do your own reference checks though. I find it to be a conflict of interest when the recruiter is doing reference checks on the candidates.

Kevin Mallen

Kevin Mallen, Business Development Manager at

What kind of role are you recruiting for Cameron?

Cameron Marsden

Cameron Marsden, Managing Director at

Several Sales roles... On the field.

Leah Rise

Leah Rise at

I've worked with this one in the past: http://www.linkedin.com/in/waynecoonan

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Swee Yeo

Swee Yeo

Hi Cameron,

These days with LinkedIn, Seek Profile etc, it is more economical to do your own recruitment unless you are busy or your company mandates that you use recruitment agencies to avoid nepotism.

Recruiters are useful if you wish to head hunt ie recruit staff from your competitors; or if you do not wish to disclose that you are hiring or the amount you are willing to pay.


Paul Steed

Paul Steed at apd Australia

Hi Cameron, I can recommend a recruiter that I have used personally and one that supports my clients. She is fantastic very experienced, personable and offers great service at the right price with guarantees. I have never had issues with her services.


Iain Dooley

Iain Dooley, Owner at The Procedure People

Check out Aussie startup http://www.recruitloop.com.au/

Mary Mai

Mary Mai, Business Intelligence Analyst at Savvysme

Hey Cameron,

I'm curious to know how it went and if you felt satisfied or if you tried something else. I am wondering when it is best for business to use a recruiter.

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