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How can I improve my SEO ranking?

What are some sure fire ways I can improve my SEO ranking?

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Hatty Bell
Emanuel Petrescu

Emanuel Petrescu, SEO Specialist at

1. Always have your user's best interest in mind! Try to deliver the best possible answer for their query and Google will reward you by showing your page on top of the search results. That's the most important aspect (in my opinion). 

Then, the rest:
2. Keywords - use the keywords (more specifically - the language) your prospects are using. 
3. Take care of the technical aspects of your website - speed, make sure it's up to date, plugins, functionalities - everything working?

Luat Duong

Luat Duong, SEO Lead at

1. Optimize your on-page SEO - use Site Audit tools.
2. Network with industry influencers, experts, partners (and ping them when you have a new article).
3. Create content that is new (new perspective on an old topic, new data, new statistics, new view, new insight, new research, new invention, more detailed content).
4. Reach out to relevant contacts about your content.
5. Find mention of your business that was not linked and a gentle nudge :)
6. Find places where they use your material but not credited (infographic, chart, statistics, video).
7. Get your business on Google My Business.
8. Hang out where your customers might be (Reddit, Facebook, online forums).

There is certainly a lot more to it. This is the surface level.

If you want to learn more and have the knowledge SEO specialists have - read up on Ahrefs, Backlinko, r/seo, r/bigseo, Search Engine Journal, SEMRush.

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