Can you recommend good business educational videos online?

What are some of the best online videos for business education? Let me know!


8 Answers

Nick Cavarretta

I would start following what MOZ come out with and watching Whiteboard Friday videos. I will also +1 Udemy and also has a lot of videos worth watching. Another great educational source is Coursera.

Linda Reed-Enever

Rebecca I have been checking out Udemy too it seems to have some good content

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at Straight Talk Group

Hi Rebecca, There are also some great apps available.  It really depends on what stage your business is at and what level of 'education' you are looking for. 

Phil Joel

Phil Joel Director at SavvySME

Hi Rebecca, I have found Udemy to be a place to find cost-effective educational videos. They have specials all the time, so you'll be able to get access to discounted courses.

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

Hi Rebecca,

If you're looking for free marketing advice that applies to all business... last week our local business referral group aired this sample video on "The Three Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Business Can Make... and How to Overcome Them".  Just scroll down past the spiel, and hit play (no need to subscribe). 38 minutes. I found it encapsulated the key principles of good copywriting.

There are another 35 in the set if you want to upgrade to the paid package. This is not a paid promotion or referral.

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Rebecca Carroll-Bell , Owner at RCB Mediation Services

Thanks Jennifer, I will chack it out!
Ben Hoban

Ben Hoban General Manager at Brown Paper eCommerce

Hey Rebecca, 

I'm a massive fan of Neil Patel's online marketing videos, so much free value  if you are looking for online business advice. (advice for online-businesses) 

Peter Jones

Peter Jones Founder at LinkSmart


I have been using which is free


Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Thanks everyone, I will look into all these great options.