Where is the best place to buy wholesale maternity clothes?

I need a reliable and honest source of wholesale, examples, closeouts of stylish maternity attire. Have scanned on my own for a week without discovering anything dependable. I'm searching for Oh Baby, Motherhood, Gap Maternity, Kohls Maternity and so on. A debt of gratitude is in order regarding your assistance.

Jeffrey Joel

Jeffrey Joel, MD at Auspac Trading NSW PL

Alibaba.com ?

Ilga Horvat

Ilga Horvat, Operations Manager at Hornet Import and Export Group Pty Ltd

Be very careful if you are sourcing brand-name goods. There are many suppliers listed on Alibaba and they are not necessarily licenced to produce trademark branded goods. Alibaba's supplier verification does not cover this either. If you really want brand names, it is best to approach the brand direct. But you will be competing with established retailers for current stock and they almost certainly have arrangements already for discontinued lines. (It doesn't help their brand for these things to get onto the market at cheap prices.) Alternatively you could try to source similar items but non-branded. You can do this through Alibaba, which leaves you with a fair amount of risk and work, or you can deal with a sourcing agency like Hornet to find a good supplier and do a lot of work for you. It depends on your preferences and your desired quantities. (There is a page on our website about importing clothes from China which gives more information.)

Nicole McIver

Nicole McIver at Nicole McIver

Contact Wholesale Baby they will be able to help you out :)