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Asked this question on 17/4/14 -Remuneration and Benefits

Is super payable if an employee receives a cash bonus?

I have been contacted by a company from the UK who are setting up business trade here in Australia and they have asked if they were to pay a cash bonus for their Australian employees for reaching a sales target, do they need to pay Superannuation on top of this?

I don't know... this is not my area of expertise and so I am looking for someone who either knows or has a business that can help them out.  Ideas?

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Chris Nobbs

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In short yes superannuation must be paid on a cash bonus as it would for other income formed the employee earns. Attached is a link to a good summary sheet regarding employee superannuation entitlements within Australia.

Hope this helps.

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Selina Shapland

Thank you so much Chris. I appreciate your help.