Can you recommend good web developers in Sydney?


I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start with regards to finding a web developer in Sydney. There are so many out there. Any out there which you've experienced offering good value? Quality and decent priced?

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Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

When you're shopping for website designers, don't forget to check their:

  • Online portfolio - have the clients already moved on to another design? Do they seem customised or all the same?
  • Their Proposal - check functionality, site map and terms. Does it include at least some training on the back end?

Who will put in the 'content' and ensure its design is perfected?  (Anything under $1200 and you may not get formatted internal web page content).  Also, ensure you do not pay the developer's final invoice until the job is done and live. (Developers speak of 'content', whereas copywriters speak of copy)

I have worked with Red Planet Design for four years as copywriter (Brisbane), and I've seen it all. Work with someone you feel is helpful and trustworthy.

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh , Cofounder at

Great, thanks for the advice Jennifer. Appreciate it. :)
Bridget Holland

Bridget Holland , Director at

Agree with Jennifer's main advice, but just to say that 'content' and 'copy' are not quite the same thing.
'Copy' is one kind of 'content' - albeit a very important one. You also need to consider images as a bare minimum, plus potentially video, audio and so on.

To give any web developer a decent brief for a website, you need to have an idea what kind of content and what kind of functionality you are planning. The two need to work together. Usually you will be asked to supply the content while they give you functionality. Layout and formatting of content is the grey area where you need to be really clear who is doing what!
Abi Waterer

Abi Waterer Director of Marketing at

Top 30% Web Development

Hi Yi

Have you considered creating a website yourself? If you require a simple website, then it could be a good low cost option. If you require a more complex website, with advanced functionality then it may be best to hire a web designer. The company who I work for (Yola) is a website builder that let's you create a site without any technical skills, I thought I would put it out there as an alternative to hiring a web designer.


Iain Dooley

Iain Dooley Owner at

Get in touch with Bryce at ... even if he can't help you, he'll be able to recommend someone.



Top 10% First 100 Days

Hi Yee

The best team I have seen in terms of the development of sites and also professional understanding of SEO/SEM etc is a company called CLICK CREATIVE.

We've just commissioned them to do a large project for a key client of ours and they have been super impressive in their work so far.

I understand they've just opened an office in Glebe, and have offices in Melbourne too.



Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne director at

Top 10% Branding

Hi Yee

I have several recommendations in Melbourne, if you're happy to work remotely. Does it matter where the firm is based?

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh , Cofounder at

No, thats fine!
Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne , director at

I work with and recommend Reach Digital. Speak to Mauricio at 03 8562 2219 or 0410 530 999
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John Eustace

John Eustace Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at

Whomever you approach Yee, make certain you receive a comprehensive proposal demonstrating that they have a clear understanding of the sites target audience and precisely what you want it to achieve. It must also contain all costs associated with ongoing maintenance, hosting, updating and optimisation. I have read some fascinating documents over the years that contained technical flim-flam, very little genuine substance and ambiguous pricing.

There are many applications that rank web pages so use one or two on the proposer’s own, this will lead to some very interesting conversation.

Talk directly to site owners featured in their portfolio, ask all the questions that you need answers for, particularly about the development process and the level of control extended to their clients.

Make sure you also receive a detailed introduction to the proposed site’s back-end and are confident that they can instruct your people on how to use all its facilities.

Before you part with your cash (and prior to the site being published) ask for evidence that any 3rd party licensed material has actually been paid for and is licensed for your use (unencumbered).