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Why do people choose offshore BPO outsourcing services from US and India?

Why do people choose BPO outsourcing services from US and India? What are the difference between services of both countries?

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Brad Lyons

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The Philippines is a much better place for support services in my view. In fact, an indian call centre employed by Telstra at one point outsource some of their work to the Philippines at one stage. 

There are a number of reasons companies will use BPO. One is definitely the cost savings, there is a massive saving in wages. Also culture and time zones are also factors. 

There are challenges with training when looking at outsourcing overseas and there are a lot of companies that will offer to assist with massive mark-ups, so you really need to do your research. 

A lot of my clients have call centres in the Philippines and some still have call centres in India. Having seen firsthand how the different countries can assist I have always seen less complaints and issues come from a call centre in the Philippines. 

All clients that have Australian staff in the offshore office to manage very rarely have training and compliance issues. It always pays to have an Australian employee working from the offshore office to ensure compliance, training and customer service is to your companies standards. 

You wouldn't have an onshore office running without management, no difference for an offshore office.  

As for what country, it really comes down to what you need. For developers I would look at Europe and the middle east. From past experience I have seen much better and stable code from these areas. 

For support I would look at the Philippines. For Tech support, I would look at Australian call centres to handle the actual issues and the Philippines to handle the initial inbound call. Just so they can screen out the Common issues (user training) and actual technical issues. 

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Yazmin Barajas

Yazmin Barajas

Well just for the sake of a good reference, BPO outsourcing especially in India is more cheaper and more affordable compared to others. Another thing is that in India IT people are very good and very intelligent and there's no doubt about it. Mostly are programmers and web developers who are far more experienced that other in-house staffs, they are also updated with the new technology that can make a business more competitive

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