Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin Small Business Coach, Trainer, Author at Zest Business Consulting

What is the SEO best practice for opening a second location?

I've got a client who is getting ready to open a second location. Their website has been optimised for the city where the first location is and they are getting a good amount of organic traffic.

Would you recommend leaving the site as it and creating a second website optimised for the new location city?

Also, any thoughts about Google +?


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Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson at

Definitely I would suggest sticking with their website and just adding the new information/pages relevant to the new location. 

Google + is awesome

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin, Small Business Coach, Trainer, Author at Zest Business Consulting

Thanks Kelly!

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Byron Trzeciak

Byron Trzeciak at PixelRush

Stick with a single website and just create a location based page for your new office location. I would definitely not create a second website, it's unnecessary and can create duplicate issues depending on how you create the new site. You want all your authority going to one single site.

Look at how you can send branded location keywords to your newly created pages such as <Your business name> <location>.

Brett Poole

Brett Poole at Flying Fox Media

Would have to agree with the sentiment so far.  Adding a new section to your existing website would be the most appropriate strategy in the short term.  

It will add no new costs (apart from the time to create the content), leverage your existing domain authority and not pose a risk to existing SEO traffic.

Agree with the G+, Yellow and TL listings to go with the effort too.

You'll undoubtedly be able to monitor the effects of new traffic to the new section via your existing web analytics as a way of tuning it moving forward.

James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

My Advice for the new location is the following -

1. Set up a new website page for the business location example

Have 500 words unique content about the location.

2. Set up Google Places locations for both businesses and ensure they are verified, link each Google places location to the GEO specific page.

3. Do citation link building to each location using sites like BrownBook, Yello Pages, True Local to build up the profile of each new location.

Also ensure to take high quality images of each location to use on all the different sites, when I set up Virgin Mobiles Google Places many years ago we had every store around Australia send in pictures, it turned out to be a very cool campaign.