Peter Jones
Peter Jones Founder at LinkSmart

Does anyone know a company who provide extended warranties service?


The company I work for sells new white goods etc that come with factory warranties. However we are being asked for extended warranties.

My question does anyone know a company who will provide this service.



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Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

Yes I do, National Warranty Services has that service -- resellers too. Contact Don Card at (The website looks straight out of 1996 but its a genuine business with offices in Redcliffe Qld).

Katherine Hawes

Katherine Hawes, Solicitor at

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You need to be aware of your obligations under Australian Consumer Law relating to consumer guarantees. I suggest you visit the ACCC website about consumer guarantees and when extended guarantees are illegal. Under Australian Consumer Law there is already inbuilt consumer guarantees that relate to the product and repair guarantees without the need to purchase extended warranties. Choice has also undertaken some work in this area.

Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Hi Peter, could you please clarify your question?

Do you mean, 'Does anyone know a company who will provide extended warranties?'