Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson Owner at Oak Room Wines

What makes the best corporate and business Christmas gifts?

Naturally being from Oak Room Wines, we are hoping that you will say something to do with wine ;) But we would like to hear all of your suggestions and who knows, it might provide us some ideas to bring to market!

Looking forward to seeing what is popular and providing other readers some creative ideas.


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James Norquay

James Norquay, SEO Director at

Wine is a good gift for Christmas usually.

Some good ones I remember in the past - Yahoo gave these sports bags and Cooler bags, still very good gift use it for BBQ's it was also filled with Beer the bag.

Random companies have given digital photo frames in the past, I did not mind that.

Other things like USB bottle openers also go good =)

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson, Owner at Oak Room Wines

I like the USB bottle opener, James, this must be for the hard worker and those able to work from home ;)

Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

I second what James said about wine. There's nothing you can go wrong with a beautiful bottle of red!

Other things I've received are tea leaves and pots of flowers. I think the best ones though, are handwritten Christmas cards from fellow business associates!

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson, Owner at Oak Room Wines

Totally agree Ling, anything personal and handwritten always means much more.

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

Wine and beer -- not so good if the recipient is trying to give up the plonk. I like specialty tea, mainly for women, for small gifts. Your own book or a really good business book makes a good Xmas gift. Not an eBook though - as some don't yet have an easy way to read it.

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson, Owner at Oak Room Wines

Thanks Jennifer, tea seems popular - I like it. I also agree it may be some time before the gift of an electronic file hold enough of a personal touch for many. Real pages in a real book with a message on the inside is hard to beat!

Paul Mackie

Paul Mackie, Director at

Even better, is if you accompany the bottle with some kind of permanent reminder.

Example: A nice wine carrier, or wine glasses, or even just a coaster set.  You don't need to go over the top with branding - just a subtle laser-etching of your company logo or message (which works nicely on leather, timber, glass and metal), then you've provided something that will still be around long after the wine has been finished, and provide a permanent reminder of who it was that did the giving!

And by the way, if specialty tea is closer to your VIP contacts than wine, you can offer that too - again delivered with a permanent reminder of who the giver was!  See the "LoyalTea" deluxe case as an example.

If you're casting for ideas, do this: Think about who your customers (or VIP contacts) are, count how many there are, and decide on a budget, or a budget range.  Then ask your friendly custom-branded premium products provider (hint! ;-) for some ideas to match this.  You might be surprised at the range of tres cool options available now.

Paul M.

Robert McIntosh

Robert McIntosh at Gift Of The Month Clubs

Agree with Jennifer RE "wine and beer".
And even better if you get a membership to a club that sends a different 
pack of hard to find craft beer or boutique wine every month for 3, 6 or 12 months!



Plus companies can add their logo to Egift cards, add corporate flyers with delivery and more.

Gift Of The Month Clubs make the best corporate Christmas gifts. 

Leo Eliades

Leo Eliades at Inspire Now Pty Ltd

Love wine! and don't mind beer however I prefer something that will hang around perhaps just a little longer.  

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson, Owner at Oak Room Wines

Yes, it can be hard receiving a nice red that says best drinking in 5-8 years ;) We al know it won't last that long!!

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

We had great success with books this year with a hand written note inside.

Of course the suggestion was that you enjoy it by the pool over the summer break with a glass of wine!