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Where can I find good lawyers in Australia?

I'm looking for a lawyer, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you point me to any directories or listings of lawyers I can look through?

Phil Khor

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Here is a list of online directories of lawyers in Australia you may find helpful:

Australian Lawyers Directory 

Australian Lawyers Directory is one of the more popular lawyer directory websites in Australia. Its search function is user friendly and it offers a lot of options in searching for your lawyer. You can search by suburb or by name. You may choose different areas of law, issues and special qualities.


This site offers a general search as well as an area search. You may search by specialisation and through their monthly featured listings.

Findlaw Australia

FindLaw Australia offers the users to search the appropriate lawyer for their given legal issue and location. You can even search for a lawyer by name.


This online law firm directory allows you to easily find a Lawyer, Solicitor, Barrister or specific law firm in your area in just a few simple clicks


GetaLawyer has a general search function as well as a category search. They feature their recently added lawyers and firms on the right side of their website.

City Lawyers

With City Lawyers, you can search by name, postcard, suburb or street. They show the current number of lawyers in their directory per territory.


Intellectual Property law in Australia can be divided into several different areas, but essentially there are industrial properties and copyright laws.

Damien Andreasen

Damien Andreasen, Co-Founder at LawPath

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