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How do you come up with an original brand name?

It's hard finding a brand name that isn't taken already. Does anyone have any tips on how to get inspired and come up with a catchy and original brand name that isn't outlandish?

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Lisa Ormenyessy

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Hi Yee,

Most of the names we have created have come after a few wines! I don't know if there is a strict formula at all.

I did read an article recently -the 2015 Marketing Trends report by Landor a global leader in brand consulting.

They predict that Names will be going super simple... "With more noise in the digital market place and less time than eves to capture the consumers' attention, brands will continue to streamline the path to sales.

That includes a shift back to basic, clear, relevant naming solutions. There will be universal, easy-to grasp concepts that consumers can instantly connect to (think Uber and Square) and that brands can fully own in meaning and URL."

I hope this helps. If you need good quality wine... I can recommend something there too :)

Jef Lippiatt

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I disagree somewhat with the simplicity approach. You must start with the company values before picking a name.Picking a simple name may not align or give flexibility to grow. Also most simple top level domain names are taken and are very costly to purchase. This can be problematic if you don't have significant funding.Names should be unique and memorable. Look at using parts of multiple words.For example a company we founded is called Ampersanity. It plays off the word 'ampersand' and 'sanity'. Ampersand came from "and per se and" when the & was the 27 letter of the alphabet after Z. So Ampersanity literally translates to And Sanity by itself. It matches our value slogan, "Chaos Creatively Managed".The point is that a back story and alignment to company values can be a stronger play than simplicity.

Brian Dorricott

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There are several ways:
- A name that describes what you do (perhaps based on company values, etc.)
- Join two words together to create something unique (and memberable) e.g. BlueChilli
- A random, made-up word.

I'd avoid names based on your name simply because it can be a limiting factor in the future if you're not a lawyer or accountant.

Each has benefits and disadvantages.

I hope this helps.