Ananda Raj Pandey
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Is content syndication good idea, if it is then how to find best fit?

I am thinking of going with content syndication so that i can get more exposure for my articles but is it good way to do it? I am bit worried whether it is only good for corporate branding but not for individuals?  

Lisa Creffield

Lisa Creffield, Founder at

The era of personal blogs as a destination is pretty much over (unless you're super famous): you can't just leave it up on a site and hope to get clicks or even subscribers. You have several options for distribution, one of which is simply sharing on social media which can be effective if you have a wide network.

Then there are services such as Taboola and Outbrain which will display a link to your blog on different sites, and charge in different ways, sometimes based on views, sometimes impressions. My sense is that users are starting to get wary of these as commercial links, they're not longer taken in by the "Other stories around the web" or "Stories you may like" as a random thing: there's a growing awareness these are promoted stories. However I personally stick click on them, I think there's just a danger of someone clicking through to many poor quality promoted article and subconsciously learning to ignore that box (as people have learned to ignore banner ads). For now though, depending on your budget, they may be effective. Obviously in your case, you're an individual not a business, so the budget may be smaller.

The third option is offering your content directly to other sites, whether one-way or as a blog swap. Some sites are "pay to play", others accept content for free. The issues here are:

  • picking the right destinations
  • ensuring there are link-backs to your own site/profile
  • deciding who gets first bite: a "high level" site such as a News Ltd site would want first publication (ie to run the article/blog before it has been on your own website). Even many minor sites want first publication, however in my view they should not be charging in such a circumstance

One idea is to target upcoming sites and become a regular expert contributor. You'll often find people starting new websites and portals for different niches ( sometimes has callouts) who are requesting content. They won't pay you, and they will want previously unpublished content, but if and when these sites "take off" it can be a big advantage to have got in at the start.

Brian Bijdeveldt

Brian Bijdeveldt at Profitkoach

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Hi Ananda, one way of testing out the effectiveness of content syndication this to start small and concentrate on one social platform to begin with. For example if you're already on LinkedIn this is a great platform for appealing to other professionals and if you put up good quality articles and posts you'll soon see whether or not there is any demand for your content topics and quality. You are better off concentrating on one platform and becoming popular on that and then moving across horizontally to other platforms. By the same token, if you are guest blogging for other platforms, do your research and confirm they have healthy traffic, else you will waste a lot of time producing good content that is never viewed!

When you produce great content always repurpose it and leverage your effort by producing a video from an article as well an audio or a PDF - as many different types of media that you can.