John Adams

What are your thoughts on the McFlurry?

Is it the greatest bargain of all time? (wait, who are we kidding, of course it is). Have you tried it yourself? What were your thoughts when you saw it posted on the website? Should it be immortalised somehow?


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Scott Yang

Scott Yang , Founder at

Greatest bargain of all time? If vote count is the only measurement, then from OzBargain community's point of view, YES it is the greatest bargain so far.

Have I tried it? No. Not fond of Maccas & soft serves. Actually it wasn't even that great a deal from my personal opinion.

But this is the beauty of a social voting site. Collective opinion when simplified down to a single vote, then yes McFlurry "hack" was considered the greatest bargain. However the vote count does not translate to individual opinions, nor does it describe why it is "great". I presume it's great not because it saves OzBargainers hundreds of dollars each year.

Immortalised? I thought everything on Internet is immortalised :) Yes don't post things when you think they would disappear a few years down the track. No, they'll come back to haunt you for eternity.