Rajeev Saini

How do I market bluetooth tracking devices for my small online business?

Hi Scott Yang, I have a small online business selling bluetooth tracking devices like Tile/Trackr/Duet. How to do marketing of this business so that people become aware of these devices and buy them online from my store. Regards, Rajeev Saini


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Scott Yang

Scott Yang Founder at OzBargain.com.au

Hi Rajeev,

I am certainly no expert in marketing. However to sell something, you either have to (1) convince them that they need it, as it's a desirable item, or (2) it's so cheap and you might as well get it whether you need it or not.

Unfortunately it's easier to do (2) on OzBargain than (1) because almost everyone looks at the price tag first. There might be some Special Interest Groups that you can go to, to share why your item is useful/desirable. On OzBargain it appears that the only way to sell is that it's cheaper than everyone else.

Rajeev Saini

Rajeev Saini , Owner at Weerable

Thanks Scott, what are the cheaper ways to advertise a product online. We know one way that is ozbargain, are there any other similar sites or avenues.
Also what is the best way to start network marketing.
Rajeev saini