Evangelo Rosal
Evangelo Rosal Senior Test Consultant at Supa Slow Mo

Customer Retention

What are ways to increase my SEO ranking in Google for my start-up photo booth business?

Is Facebook a good way to advertise my business? Is it worth paying to promote my page? What are the other free listing services to use?

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Joshua Uebergang

Joshua Uebergang, Head of Strategy at Digital Darts

Hi Evangelo,Multiple questions here. Firstly, Facebook can be a great way to advertise. Only way to learn if it can work for your business is to test it (but do it right.) Research some basic tips on how to advertise on Facebook well. Yes, it can be worth paying to promote your page due to organic news hardly reaching your fan base.SEO is without a doubt the best way to drive free business online for most businesses. For some ways to increase SEO, I suggest you read my SEO checklist I wrote for Savvysme.

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Owner at I Want That CRM

Hi there

Starting up my book coaching & publishing business three years ago I thought I would never make it with SEO, but after using Upcity for two months (a tool, bit like Moz), I found that I was getting better rankings and a few enquiries as I proceeded to do other things. I combined that with a mobile optimised site, which I noticed helped more on the premium plan unsurprisingly.

After blogging for a while on topics of interest to authors, I now get enquiries more often, when I do the work! I also blogged 2-3 years for a design studio, and got local search rankings up to #2 & #3 for a while there. It was beating my straight copywriter page (no blog) for the term 'copywriter brisbane', which was kinda funny because I was at both sites waiting for leads!

For backlinks, focus on narrow targeted sites, photography blogs and forums, but not general directories... I think this would work better. Also writing quality articles at other major magazine sites would be great. I am compiling a list of these myself.