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What did you do to stay motivated while waiting?

What did you do to stay motivated while waiting for Ozbargain to really catch on? When you saw traffic dip or fluctuate heavily from one month to the next?

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Scott Yang

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Hi Jef,

First of all, the traffic actually does not fluctuate that much these days. You know the traffic is going for a dip on a weekend (somehow it's a norm checking out bargains during business hours :) Long weekends are bad, but made up by other events such as Valentine's Day or Boxing Day shopping.

However early on (maybe the first 2 years of OzBargain) the traffic can be slow and frustrating at times. You analyse the fluctuation carefully so you can understand the pattern and whether these are the effect of internal or external changes. However at the same time you also don't want to be affected by it too much. "Looking at the big picture" they say. Don't worry about day to day changes but your month to month growth.

As of motivation - I don't wait around for it to catch on. I just want to build something that rocks :) Somehow that product of mine became something that many Australians ended up using and enjoying.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Thanks for the answer. I must admit that the stuff I've built previously I hadn't really integrated analytics. That wasn't a smart move on my part, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I'm doubling back and looking to integrate analytics that are more robust and done purposefully. The key you mentioned is understanding the patterns. Hopefully those will become more clear after the integration.
I have been taking a similar path as you by just building things because I have passion for them. I think just getting something built and out there is a big step. Its just a good feeling to see something you've built available to everyone, even if it doesn't catch at first or at all. I still try to learn from each experience. Thanks again.