What are the most effective ways to grow an online community that promote deals and offers?

Can anyone share any tips and best practices to grow an online community that shares deals and offers?

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Joel Warren

Joel Warren, Designer & Strategic Marketter at Wiild Interactive

Start with building a community, rather than focusing on deals.

I'm no expert in this but would love to be. I listened to this podcast recently which had some great ideas about this: https://mixergy.com/interviews/be-true-brand-you-w...

My take aways and how they could apply to your situation:

  • Bring people together in a similar niche/industry
  • Engage them so they feel like they are part of something
  • Put things out like the deals you you want to sell and get feedback on what the community thinks of it
  • Create more deals based on feedback from the group

It'll come down to what value you can provide the community? Online deals are a dime a dozen and why should anyone care about a new deals community?

Take your time, research, find people that you can add real value and see what you can do to gather than engage with those people before pushing your own agenda - make it authentic.

Best of luck, I can see amazing success in these styles of business - but only if they are adding real value - which is the million dollar question everyone is looking for.