Why are you a full time employee at another company despite owning a hugely popular web site like Ozbargain ?

What is your motivation behind this ? Why are you not 100% on your highly successful initiative?

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Scott Yang

Scott Yang, Founder at OzBargain.com.au

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I have actually been working on OzBargain full time for 4 years now so what are you talking about? :) I am an employee of a company that I'm also a director so I am paying myself salary + super rather than a director's fee.

However I have also been running OzBargain in my spare time 4 years prior while being employed at a different company because

  • OzBargain was started as a hobby site. Yes I am a builder and I built websites for fun.
  • OzBargain hasn't proved itself to be generating enough revenue until much further down the track. I have some financial commitments so I couldn't just drop my full time employment to work on a hobby site.
  • I have some attachment with my previous employment. It's complicated :) At one stage I was wondering whether I should just sell OzBargain so I can focus on my software architect role in an ASX200 financial software company, and there were tempting offers.

There are many reasons a founder cannot put 100% on a startup, and these can be valid reasons.

Preet Singh

Preet Singh

Thanks for your answer.