Jef Lippiatt
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What are your favorite topics to cover for Forbes?

Are you limited to a specific scope in your writing with Forbes? How did you get your foot in the door to write for them? Suggestions on how to get a big outlet like that to pick up an article?

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Jason Lim

Jason Lim, at Asia Recon

Hi Jef,

In regards to scope with Forbes, it's fairly broad and flexible. Although I focus on the Asia region including Australia and technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups. All things I am interested in.

Forbes basically approached me on Linkedin and asked me if I was interested to write. In China, I worked on a tech blog business where I lead the English content. My work has floated around various publications including The Washington Post, VentureBeat, Harvard Business Review, so I think they noticed my name.

In terms of getting an outlet like Forbes to pick it up, I suggest really understanding the interest of the writer and pitch them on that angle. We get approached a lot by people wanting to publish stuff, especially PR people who are paid to do it. The story has to be compelling and fit the Forbes audience.

Hope that helps!

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Thanks, that was a really helpful answer.