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Nick Chernih Founder at LinkBuildSEO

What are some effective email marketing strategies for small businesses?

Does anyone have any pointers for effective email marketing strategies that keep customers engaged?

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Anne Miles

Anne Miles, Managing Director at International Creative Services

Here are my thoughts:

1. Have an automated system to give prospects and clients a way to keep in touch with you ongoing. These can be set up in advance and are a one time only task set to forget. Keep the ratio of valued content 3:1 with salesy, product based emails to a minimum

2. Have sporadic emails that you send out to target topical market opportunities - a regular email blast responding to some industry trade magazines or industry trends

3. To send an email here and there to your 'hot prospects' list requesting a meeting or to chat. 

4. To send an email here and there to ask what is the biggest problem your prospect faces at present - this can be a poll or a survey. This helps you do a kind of market research in a simple way

5. For certain subscribers to receive free tips or a short program (this can be free or paid). Set the program up as an automated sequence so that once they've joined or requested it the material can be sent without any effort at all. Don't forget to have a few levels of content available so that once they finish one level they can progress through all your levels and into other content like videos, workshops, seminars and events, purchase products etc.

6. To ask for feedback after a sale or service. This also allows you to have authentic discussion with them and an opportunity to move them up the sales ladder, but by consulting not selling

7. How about just to say 'thanks' for something? Good old fashioned manners never goes astray - say thanks for a meeting, their time, the purchase, the phone call

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

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Hi Nick - What do you mean by 'Interesting' do you mean out of the box? or just ways to use email marketing successfully?

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