Anton Ilchenko
Anton Ilchenko at Beer Towers Australia

Business Management

For anyone at the stage of commercialisation, what would you advise in order to succeed in the market?

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

Anton, this is a massive question, too big to tackle for you to gain any real help of insight. Can you tell us a little more about what you are trying to achieve and then perhaps we can give you some practical advice on how to penetrate and gain market share in your industry.

Cheers, Lisa.

Anton Ilchenko

Anton Ilchenko , at Beer Towers Australia

Lisa, our company - Frozen Beer Co. - is focusing to penetrate the festivals market (alcoholic beverages) as well as break into restaurants and bars to serve Frozen Beer and Frozen Cider to patrons. The concept of frozen beer and frozen cider is quite new to Australia and we are the first company in Australia which has successfully launched this product. The time is important than anything. The freeze factor is this – with the frozen beer head that is produced from the beer you are drinking normal brew with a frozen beer head on top at minus 15 degrees. The major achievement for the end of 2015 would be to take part in as many festivals (drinks & food) as well as roll out frozen beer machines in strategically picked entertainment venues such as bars and restaurants.