What kind of events would you want SavvySME to host?

Networking - meet and greet? Informational? Debates? Guest speakers?

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Steve Osborne / Smarthinking

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In person informational topics presented by guest speakers followed by facilitated networking, appeals to me. As does the idea of a debate, provided there is strict administration and oversight. Very easy to degenerate into an online personality clash!

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

Yee, I like what everyone else has said. I would like to contribute another line of thought borne out of a recent experience.

Last week I went to an entrepreneurs meetup. There were 12 of us that met for a meal at a local cafe. I found this a really stimulating environment in that I got to connect with the four people I was seated next to on a much deeper level than I normally would have at a meet and greet. It felt way more relaxed and authentic.

More food for thought. pun intended ;-)

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Rebecca Carroll-Bell, Owner at

Networking would be great, perhaps: open networking, guest speaker, open networking.

Debates might be interesting - serious or comedic?

By way of online or virtual events, seminars can be fun. I'd be keen to see some interviews with members too.