What are the best SEO tips for insurance agencies?

When potential customers are looking for insurance, they almost always start their search online. What do you think are the best SEO tips for insurance agencies?

Paige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO at Mavens & Moguls

Top 10% Marketing

I started a global branding and digital marketing firm 19 years ago when websites were basically a brochure online and search was a novelty   The sites have gotten fancier over the years and search engines have changed their algorithms to keep up with customer demand for better and more relevant search  capability.  The main SEO trends to incorporate are:

*  Websites must be optimized for voice search  
Voice user interface allows users to interact with websites through voice commands so it adds usability and functionality to your site making it accessible to all users including those with limitations and disabilities.  Smart speakers and voice search are growing in importance so being able to optimize for voice search will be key to maximize the marketing and advertising opportunities on Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.  Brands that perfect the "branded skill” with more customer-friendly, less invasive ads are going to win big.  Are you prepared when customers ask for help like "Alexa who is the best car/boat/life insurance agency in Sydney?”  if not you are missing a big opportunity!  There are always new shiny objects in marketing to distract you, social media and technology are 24/7 but SEO is here to stay whether it is via Google or voice.  You get one chance to make a great first impression so if you want to improve the impression you are making and give your business a boost make sure your site is optimized.  Smart speakers are only getting more popular going forward so voice search is very important.  

*  Content quality and length matter for rankings
Web pages that contain long high quality content get more visibility and shares so becoming that trusted source and influencer with timely and helpful answers to questions gets rewarded quickly.  Search engines notice when sites publish consistently and can see how long people stay so building a strong reputation as a site that informs and educates pays off in higher organic search results too.  Users are savvy and can tell if content is too salesy or self promoting which gets ignored.  

*  Mobile UX determines your ranking 
In a mobile first world, you have less time to grab people, attention spans are shorter than ever so video will be used even more to boost rankings, show don’t tell for maximum impact, rich content drives engagement, traction and growth.   The world is moving to mobile first or mobile only, fewer people accessing web on big screens so everyone is tailoring their site, message and content accordingly. More people watch videos than  TV now so adding video to  your site and using the right keywords for video descriptions and headlines will insure you do better in searches too.