How did you build the necessary connections in the wine industry to allow for Vinomofo's success?

Justin Dry

Justin Dry Owner at

Vinomofo wasn’t the first business we had in the tech wine space so it actually happened in the years leading up to the launch.Qwoff was the first one in 2007 and was actually a really cool idea but to be honest had a shit business model. It was like a facebook for wine. Too early for the space and the market was too niche for the business model.We then pivoted the business 4 times over the next few years before launching Vinomofo in early 2011.Each one was better than the last but more importantly, we were building great relationships within the industry and a large tribe of wine lovers along the way who followed us into Vinomofo.

Charlene Sampilo

Charlene Sampilo , Customer Service at

Thanks for sharing this Justin. It simply means that we need to adjust -- our system/ideas/business model (I guess even our attitude) until we get it right.