How does promotional article work on the Savvy platform?

I am considering paying to post a promotional article and have a few questions about how the platform works ?

How many #savvysme members will see my post?
Do you also publish and share this through other channels 
Do you send an email to all members 
What is the best practice for getting the max benefit from Savvy platform 

Tx cheers Johnny 0412266770

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Hi John, thanks for the question. Thought I'll re-post the answer to your question via PM again here for the benefit of other members too.The number of views on promotional articles vary a lot depending on the article's title, content, relevance, etc so there is no guarantee. Most promotional articles get an average of 400-500 views but we have seen ones that received over 3000 views in a period of a month. Promotional articles are shared across our broader networks too, and if it has good content, members tend to share it in theirs too.Good content tend to be more educational with a few helpful links (not too many I might add) to where they can get more help from you. Promotional articles are also shared in email digests and alongside relevant content, so it's a great way to get attention from those who are already interested in the subject.The best way to get maximum value on this platform is to demonstrate thought leadership by being helpful i.e. by blogging and answering questions genuinely without being seen as "spammy" or desperate for new business. We find that self promotion is turns people off quickly, which doesn't help our experts at all. Our Q&A is designed for business owners to get good expert advice, and self-promotional questions, answers or comments are deleted immediately. In fact, good answers give you long tail exposure from organic search.Hope this helps.