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Cashflow Management

How important was cash flow to Vinomofo?

How important was cash flow and did it ever take a back seat when you were growing your company?

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Justin Dry

Justin Dry at

Incredibly. We started Vinomofo with $100k in the bank so we didn’t have much wiggle room. It was so important to us that we would actually update it daily. This way we knew exactly where we were going to be (based on projections) at any time over the next 3 months.We also kept the business very lean to give ourselves the longest runway possible. Obviously the numbers are bigger now but we still manage cash flow and stock levels very closely.

Neil Halls

Neil Halls, Director at

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Simple Answer, Cahsflow is King. We have come across many business were Cashflow problems have caused profitable businesses to get into difficulty. Almost always, that difficulty can be avoided

We have a blog on our website which talks about this exact topic in more detail