Peter Jones
Peter Jones Founder at LinkSmart

Is it standard practice to send eBay shipping emails via Mailchimp?

Hi, I have a large eBay store and wish to send shipping emails via Mailchimp to help with info and feed back. 1. Is this normal practice?. 2. Would this be classified as spam in Australia.Regards Peter

Tim Davies

Tim Davies at ZELLIS

Hi Peter. There's nothing to stop you communicating with eBay buyers via MailChimp, providing it is directly related to the transaction itself. However the eBay User Agreement and Spam Act 2003 both prohibit you adding other eBay members' contact details to your off-eBay database for marketing purposes unless they opt-in (after you have invited them once and once only). Even if you use MailChimp to communicate with your eBay buyers, make sure you use eBay Messages for any dialogue relating to the transaction which eBay can then use to assist you in the event a transaction turns sour. When it comes to Seller Protection, eBay will not acknowledge or rely on communications which they cannot verify within their system.

Hope that helps.