What are the best products to sell online?

I am a big fan of your website and have great admiration for how you have successfully converted your hobby into a profitable business. I myself have been looking at starting a website for selling stuff online, but am unsure about what to sell. From my research, there is a variety of stuff that can be sourced from overseas. But am unsure what will be a good product that people will love to buy online.

I have thought about things like SD cards, small electronics and also wallets, etc, but haven't been able to make up my mind. Some people have suggested specializing in a 'niche' that is not common like cake-tins, water bottles, etc. Can you please give me any suggestions regarding this? And any other considerations, resources risks, etc that people like myself should be aware of while starting-out. Thanks for your time.

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Matt Antonino

Matt Antonino, owner & SEO consultant at High on SEO

You can sell whatever you want online really - but the question is what are you passionate about? What do you care more about than anything because ultimately in 6 months or a year or two years you are going to *hate* the business if you aren't super passionate about the topic.

Let's say you open your business. What are you going to be doing in your spare time? What things distract you from work? Make *those* things your business and you'll be happiest. :)

Hitesh Mohanlal

Hitesh Mohanlal, Director at WOW! Advisors & Business Accountants

HI Preet. Good question. Matt is right above and this must be considered but i have found that unless you have a brand following touchy-feely goods are more difficult to sell. These are things like clothes, shoes where people like to touch, feel and try on before they buy. Without a brand following or good reviews these sites tend to struggle in the beginning but once they get going there is no stopping them. Electronics are a bit more easier to sell but because of that there are many players in the market and competition is intense. It is all about price so unless you have low pricing you may struggle too. Try to get yourself up the google rankings is hard too. I am a great fan of niche's. I tend to advise my clients towards this and once people feel you are an expert they tend to trust you more. Yes it narrows your market but you can ultimately make more money from the target market. Which industry? Well that does depend on you. You passion as Matt says above but you may wish to do research on which market you can sell online that do not have a specialist selling online. Best of luck on your journey

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

Hi Preet,

I agree with both of the contributors above. If you are looking for something to niche into try visiting magazine.com and similar sites. If people are still paying their hard earned cash for their hobbies in the form of a magazine, just to read about it - hobbies like gun smithing, cars or camping - you can bet there is a niche online you can sell into.

Good Luck!

Nicole McIver

Nicole McIver at Nicole McIver

My suggestion is selling something you are passionate about, you will do much better and your job will be easier and more enjoyable if your selling a product you are truly passionate about.

Find your niche and stick to it.

There is also LOTS of brands overseas thats are freaking awesome that arent in Australia yet, find something new, unique and super cool and import it and get distribution rights to it in AU.

If you have any further questions email me :)

Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes, Director at

Yep great answers, passion and niche as already mentioned are key. You need to stand out from the competition and when you are niche you have less competition so easier to grow into that market. One more I would add is know your products and their market. Don't just sell camping equipment if you have never been camping for example.

It really is very easy to sell anything online, but knowing your products inside out is essential to be able to build confidence with your customers and allow you to sell the right products rather than the most profitable products.

A customer who spends $500 and gets something that perfectly matches their needs is much happier than a customer that spends $1000 which doesn't do everything they want. The $500 will come back and tell their friends.