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What makes a sales team successful?

How do you empower your sales team to do more than simply meet targets?

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

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  • I think on a core level you have to give them bandwidth to adapt to your own personal style by not being overly rigid in sales scripts.
  • I also think you need to show them that you are listening and acting on their feedback (and the feedback they receive from potential and/or current customers).
  • Ask them individually and as a group what processes they think are working and which one needs to be improved (follow ups, sales funnel, etc).
  • Show them that they are rewarded for their contributions to the overall business not just hitting sales targets.

Shannon Young

Shannon Young, Coach - Accelerator of People's Performance at The Care Factor

I have seen in great companies that the teams are motivated by a shared purposed that is understood by each person and has meaning for each of them.

This links in with Dan Pink's work on the 3 key motivations:




Being able to satisfy these 3 things by connecting them to something bigger than themselves is extremely motivating and also engenders loyalty that goes beyond money.

For a sales team this can be tricky as they are traditionally recognised by money however in my sessions with sales managers in current times with tight budgets, they have learned that their team members want more than money. Money is a hygiene factor and to push for long term high performance you need to satisfy those 3 key motivations:

Empower them to do their job - Autonomy

Train them to do their job well - Mastery

Link what they do to something bigger - Purpose