Mary Mai
Mary Mai Business Intelligence Analyst at Savvysme

What are some issues smaller businesses have with trying to reach potential customers?

Miriam Miles

Miriam Miles, Founder at Resonate - Online Presence Development

Many small businesses struggle with gaining valuable exposure. Many begin with a small circle of friends and contacts who are happy to support their fledgeling efforts when starting their business but when the work is done, the contacts can run dry. There is only so much work any one business or customer may need done, and this can mean the circle closes up leaving the small business wihtout further contacts to connect with.

Networking, being positive and consistent on social media, participating in community events - these activities can all contribute to extending the new business network but the work to get people interested still needs to be done.

In my experience, there are at least three particular problems a smaller business may face when trying to reach customers:

  1. Small network that doesn't realise or want to share the new business details with their larger network (sad, but this does happen!)
  2. Inadequate funds for marketing. Yes, much can be done on a shoestring budget but there comes a point where you have to move past that into more substantial advertising to entice new clientele
  3. Lack of sales skills. Even if you're presenting a service to customers, your ability to sell comes into play. If you're not good at it yourself, and you don't' have the funds to hire a great sales gun, you may find that this area is the one that you struggle in the most.

There are many more struggles of course, but these are the things that I have struggled with and found to be areas that really need to be carefully monitored in order to maintain a growing network of potential cleints.