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What are the differences between Toll, FedEx, DHL or TNT? Which courier would you recommend?

Question is self-explanatory. What are the differences between the 5? Which do you recommend/prefer?

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1. FedEx /DHL/TNT are courier service (door to door service) .

They will take care of all customs and will do custom clearance for you. They can come to your place to collect your items. They are express service, normally they ship within a day or within limited time based on service you have purchased.

2. Toll : this is similar to FedEX / DHL , but they are more cheaper as they mostly transport goods by land ( car /var/ truck) So for larger items its will be cheaper but will not be faster - might take couple of days to transfer.

3.AusPost: Combination of above two, since its government, its cheap in many case but you may have to go to post office to collect your item.

For small and important item use courier service, for larger item use Cargo service ( like Toll), as it will be cheaper and also door to door service. For small and general item use AusPost as you can wait, and go to post office to collect it.

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For local deliveries they are all much the same with slightly different pricing schedules.

In our experience FedEx seems to be the most professional premium service for international deliveries.

For sending local when the fastest delivery times isn't essential then is worth a try.