How do I choose the best web agency for my social media marketing?

What are the first steps I should take, and what questions should I ask to make sure it's a good fit?

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons, Consultant at

I believe the biggest question is why are you looking to hire a company to do the social media marketing for you?

Is it because you are not sure what is involved?

You don't have time to do it?

You expect a quick ROI if you pay someone else?

There are a number of tools available to help people with social media marketing. Tools that allow you to post on multiple social sites at the same time, track comments and likes etc.

If you expect a quick ROI chances are that may or may not happen even if you hire a company to do it for you. If your business is not yet active on social media you will have an instant result by starting to be active.

What are the first steps:

Before you hire a company to do it for you I would recommend starting yourself, that way you can measure the success more accurately.

If you are not sure what is involved in social media marketing call the companies that offer the service. Ask them what they will do, what type of results you can expect. They will tell, it is part of their sales pitch. Once you have called a number of companies you will know the basics of what they do.

With this information you should look at the different social marketing tools that are available. Try some of the things the companies told you they would do then look at the success you have achieved.

Now you have something to base their success on. And most importantly you now know what they should be doing. I have never hired a company to do something that I don't know how to do. The main reason is I want to know if they are doing their job!

If I don't understand the job I have hired someone to do, how could I possibly know if they are doing the right thing. It doesn't mean you have to be a professional at everything, it just means you understand what they are doing and you will quickly be able to work out if someone is just taking you for a ride or not.

So the best questions you should ask them? None! Let them do the talking and explain the industry to you. Whoever gives you the best explanation will most likely know what they are talking about.

You will know if the company is a good fit if you understand what they do and they take the time to explain what they do in clear and simple terms. If you are happy with how they treat you and don't feel pressured into signing up, they will probably look after you and do the right thing.