What are the pros and cons of moving from Gmail to Google Apps?

When should I move from Gmail to Google Apps, and what are the Pros and Con's and pitfalls of doing so?



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Phil Joel

Phil Joel, Director at SavvySME

Hi Roland, there are many advantages in going to Google Apps. For instance, at SavvySME we used it because it is a great solution to have our email hosted by Google. Our team use the collaboration feature in Google docs extensively. Our Dev team work from different locations so it is a great tool to share and collaborate. It is not feature rich like Microsoft Office but it is good enough for our purposes. We also use Google Drive to store our documents. We can access these from anywhere in the world. We have set it up so that everyone in the company automatically gets access to the same information. There is a cost of $5 / per user / month in using Google Apps. I use gmail as my personal email to keep it separated from work.

Nick Chernih

Nick Chernih, Founder at LinkBuildSEO

I think you should consider moving when you need your email to integrate with your other google applications, e.g. calendar and if you want a more professional email. 


Instead of @gmail, you can have @yourdomainname. 


Not much of a difference so same cons as gmail.

Andrew Thorn

Andrew Thorn, Business Development Manager at Crucial Cloud Hosting

I find a lot of people are now choosing to host their email/calendar etc using Google apps. I think with more and more people using Google related services it makes sense. They great interaction across all their products. You also get the added advantage of having your email stored on their many servers which gives you confidence that your services will be always online. I think that you cant ditch excel and PowerPoint etc just yet. Even though I use Google apps extensively I still do most of my spreadsheet work in excel. 

Have to say my favorite feature of Gmail and Google apps is when it prompts you after you hit send if you mentioned in your email "I have attached" and you have forgot to attach the file etc. It stops it from sending till you amend your email and add that attachment. Has saved me from many an embarrassing moment when the attachment is not attached.