Do I have to register the domain name?

If I'm using a website builder for instance and the domain name I want is already paid for do I still have to register it?

Aditya Wardhana

Aditya Wardhana at

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Hey Mike,

If the domain name is already paid for and the registrant is under your name, then it is yours.

There is no need for you to re-register the domain, in fact, you / anyone can't re-register the domain.

You can check it out by go to this url:
*Replace "YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME", with actual domain name.

Hopefully that helps,

Aditya Wardhana
Web Design Melbourne

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman at

If you wish to fully own this domain then it should be paid by you either directly to the domain registrar or indirectly to the web site builder company if they are selling you the domain in your package. Either way as Aditya said make sure you are the correct legal owner.

Lina Barfoot

Lina Barfoot, Editor at SavvySME

As Aditya said, there's no need ot register if a custom domain name is included in your subscription to a website builder (such as squarespace or wordpress). So it shouldn't be an issue.