How do I adapt my social media marketing for different types of customers?

I guess that's a pretty complex question but just some ideas or guidance would be appreciated!

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown


There are several approaches you should consider, but you need to make the decision based on your business and the different types of customers you have. I will throw out a few examples below, but there are many other options and approaches to consider. The best advice I can give you is to be intentional with your efforts.

Example 1: Different Networks

  • This approach may not seem to make sense on first blush, but using completely different social networks for different kinds of customers may be ideal. Why? If you are marketing to businesses and consumers, the types of social networks they use will be different (or at least their goal in using that network will be different). Perhaps you could target businesses on LinkedIn and consumers on Twitter.

Example 2: Different Accounts

  • This approach is a use case I've seen many times across social networks. A company may have 1 account for Business to Consumer (B2C) and another account for Business to Business (B2B). In this case the accounts would both be on the same social network (e.g. Twitter) but share different types of content, and content on different topics, and content on the same topic from different perspectives (business owner or consumer).

Example 3: The Same Account

  • This approach can have issues and limitations (so seriously consider the pros and cons of trying to do everything from a single account). This approach can work if you have a targeted niche and are not just trying to mass market. Let's say you provide cloud accounting software but market to Medium to Large Businesses as well as Entrepreneurs and Small businesses. You could share information to both groups that is still useful, however, certain groups may not be interested in each post (e.g. Simple solutions for companies with over 500 employees - this may not pique the interest of the entrepreneur or small business owner).

I hope you've found this information useful.

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman at

Some of it is trial and error. By testing / comparing the same and different social network platforms across different clients you'll be able to better determine which holds the greatest value and engagement for that target. You could start with a broader broadcast across many platforms and then fine tune your strategy from there.