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How much should I pay a web developer to build website on Squarespace?

I want to develop a templated web site using Squarespace Shift. Can anyone suggest what would be a reasonable price range to pay a web developer for this? 

Most grateful for any input! Thank you.

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Annette Dockerty GAICD

Annette Dockerty GAICD, Marketing Director at Elcom

Hi Yee,

It depends on how many pages, how much content, testing, tweaking etc you need. I don't think you need a developer in the back end sense, more a front end dev/designer as the platform is there you just need someone with a good sense of design to build out the pages and make your content look great. Do you have a brief? is the content ready? If you can give me a sense of scope I can give you a rough estimate of hours as a starting point to working out a budget.

Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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Hi Yee

Because SquareSpace is a self-managed, or DIY platform, I'm guessing your plan is to be very "hands-on" in the site building process. You probably want the ability to change designs and page layouts on the fly, and see alternatives before making a final decision.

If your intention is the opposite – to have it all done for you – there are other development/platform choices better suited for your needs.

So, assuming the former, I suggest you manage the process by engaging someone at an hourly rate, rather than a flat fee. And you do your work face-to-face, at the same location. That way, you can see what is required to bring your ideas for the site to life. You will learn as you go, better equipping you to build or adapt the site in the future.

Your investment may be relatively considerable up-front – say 10-20hrs @ $50/hr – but quickly taper off as you become adept with the tools.

Think of it as an investment in your own professional development. Hope this helps.

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