Paula Pierce
Paula Pierce at Ray's Cleaners Brisbane

How can you make a brand go viral?

Can anyone share some strategies or tips on how to make a brand go viral?

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Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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Brands don't go viral, content does.

There is only one trick to having a picture/article/video/meme/tweet/post/etc. become insanely popular and that is, there's no trick.

You can't control it. Those that try invariably come unstuck. You can't control or influence in any meaningful or measurable way what people will or will not find funny, sad, hateful, shareable or tweetable.

For a business, the best you can hope for is to consistently provide entertaining, informative and educational content for a clearly defined audience and trust that someone, somewhere, sometime, happens to like it and recommend it to others.

Different if it's personal tho'. There, anything goes.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I believe a brand goes viral when it focuses on creating interesting and quality content. Trying to force something to go viral usually fails because it comes off as phony or desperate to the recipients.

Just focus on creating valuable information and be sure to share it on the platforms with your target audience (also try not to over share - it can turn people off as well).

Henry H

Henry H at MX Service Parts

Creating valuable content and share it to social media sites

Carol Jones

Carol Jones, Owner at Interface Pty Ltd

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Good morning Paula from rural Australia,

Steve Osborne is absolutely right.

No one can control what goes viral. It's just something that happens. There's an intangible component that the public finds appealing. And it's time sensitive. What appeals today. May not appeal tomorrow.

Why do you want something to go viral?

If something you put out there does go viral, can you cope with the demand you might create? There's nothing worse for your business than not being able to fulfil! Those customers will never come back to you. And may spread negative word of mouth.

In business, you can't be all things to all people. It's much smarter to focus on your niche. And the customers in it. And by not trying to be clever. But by trying to give value to them. You have a much better chance of attracting the customers who want to do business with you.

Best wishes,

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